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The Team


  From doing Yakshagana to riding a Yak, from cooking Pasta Arrabiata to watching Pather Panchali, from foreign language to local culture…that is Varsha for you. With varied interests in media like RJing, direction and acting, she is also a polyglot and a sports enthusiast. Having lived in the US and travelled around the world, […]

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RJ Rahul

Pakka Kannadiga, Mandyada huduga and Annavra Appata Abhimaani by birth. A ”Civil”ised Engineer by academics but chose a different path altogether rather than choosing a cliché job. He’s found to be energetic, full of zeal and wit with his humour keeping the people around him always in smile. His talents include mimicry, kannada rap, singing, […]

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Popularly known as Bay Area RJ Ravi, Ravikiran Bhandari is a blend of intelligence, humour and energy. Pakka Kannadiga Ravi is born and brought up at namma Malenadu and currently based in San Francisco, United States. A Cyber Security Specialist by profession and a jovial, talented Radio Jockey by passion. Loves heavy metal, traveling, hiking, […]

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Rj Pallavi

Pallavi! She defines Energy and Excitement. From Being a proud Kannadiga to learning other languages and respecting cultures is what she is. Kannada literature is her passion. Movie watching, weekend shopping, music listening, lyric analyzing, traveling, sensible talking is what she likes. She believes in being herself and should try extremely hard to fake things. […]

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Pradyumna Narahalli

A mechanical engineer who quit a software company to do MBA in media, got into an ad agency before he worked in a newspaper, finally ended up in a Kannada entertainment channel. Theatre, mimicry, stand-up comedy, anchoring, acting, singing, writing, advertising & branding interests him. He loves juggling his interests sponsored by immense optimism, powered […]

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Roopa Gururaj

News reader, anchor, RJ and script writer for movies. Loves experimenting and fits into all her dream jobs. Music, poetry, travel or a crazy chit-chat, she can be the best company while adding volumes of experiences from her life. She loves living life to the fullest and also casts a dreamy spell around people.

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