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RJ Rahul

Pakka Kannadiga, Mandyada huduga and Annavra Appata Abhimaani by birth. A ”Civil”ised Engineer by academics but chose a different path altogether rather than choosing a cliché job.

He’s found to be energetic, full of zeal and wit with his humour keeping the people around him always in smile.

His talents include mimicry, kannada rap, singing, anchoring and theatre. Caffeine addict, politics enthusiast with a new found love for fitness.

RJ Rahul will ensure that you’re not alone during your drive time through his show which is filled with infotainment, interactions with Kannadigas around the world, exciting contests and lots more!

Raahu Kaala might be stressful, but the antidote to it is the ‘The Rahul Kaala’ show. Tune in at 7pm every day!